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Matthew East matthew.east.ubuntu at
Sun Jul 3 21:45:26 CDT 2005

BB <dlist <at>> writes:
> Matthew east Wrote: 
> > Hello all,
> > 
> > As reported by the recent Documentation Team meeting summary at 
> > , the Ubuntu
> > Documentation Team is setting up a group of its members who will spend
> > some time on tidying up the structure and organisation of the wiki. The
> > team will *_not_* edit content inserted by users, but will work simply
> > to attempt to improve the organisation of the wiki, which at the
> > present
> > time is disorganised.
> Is this team being pulled together by developers? and are they looking
> for members such as myself who are experienced in these fields?

Hi there,

I don't quite fully understand the first question. However any help at all is
indeed appreciated, simply write to the Documentation Team list
(ubuntu-doc at and we will be posting activities from time to
time when the need arises. No doubt a lot of the projects will be ongoing.

No experience is necessary except for a familiarity with the Ubuntu wiki!


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