kickstart problems

Carl Karsten carl at
Fri Jul 1 12:38:35 CDT 2005

tuxico tuxico wrote:
> hello ubuntu addicts,
> I have to install ubuntu on many computers, so I tried to manage it
> with KickStart.
> everything works fine (NIS, keyboard...) but for the creation of a
> root and user account, I can't make it work.
> I tried with :
> passwd		passwd/root-password		password r
> passwd		passwd/root-password-again      password r
> passwd		passwd/user-fullname		string Staff
> passwd		passwd/username			string staff
> passwd		passwd/user-password		password s
> passwd		passwd/user-password-again	password s
> => with the debian-style (d-i), it is like i wrote nothing, ubuntu ask
> me to create a user account, like in a manual installation
> rootpw r
> user staff --fullname "staff" --password s
> => with the kickstart-style, the installation is stucked during the
> creation of the account
> anybody managed to make this working ?
> thanks in advance.

I think this is what you want - maybe more:

Carl Karsten

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