Framebuffer activation

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Mon Jan 31 21:14:52 CST 2005

As a basis for USplash, we will need to start enabling the kernel
framebuffer in the initrd, if (and only if) the 'splash' option is passed on
the kernel command line (it is by default).

In the long term, this should probably be done by an initrd hook in the
usplash package, but in order to weed out any hardware difficulties early,
we should start doing this now, even before USplash proper has entered

The installer has been activating the framebuffer by default for some time
now, so we should use its approach as a starting point (see rootskel).
There are machines where this is known to fail (some laptops especially),
and we'll need to do something about those.  In order for Ubuntu to be
installed on such systems currently, the user must pass
debian-installer/framebuffer=false, so we should have a way for that setting
to propagate to the installed system (specifically, omitting the 'splash'

Jeff, can you handle the initrd integration bits?

Colin, can you work out a way to handle the passing of the framebuffer

 - mdz

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