Bluefish 1?

Eric Dunbar eric.dunbar at
Mon Jan 31 11:37:06 CST 2005

On Tue, 1 Feb 2005 02:31:01 +1100, Shimon wrote:
> can it be included into hoary? please? its very useful editor and has
> had a lot of bug fixes from 0.13 that have been annoying me.

I can confirm that 1.0 works well in Ubuntu. It's actually relatively
easy to install if you have the gcc compiler installed on your system.

Download the source code .tar from the Bluefish site. Read the README
and INSTALL files and make sure that you have the appropriate
libraries installed. I don't remember which libraries I had to install
but it was easy to install them through the Synaptic application's
"search" function. Simply look for a subset of the name (e.g. gtkrel)
and install the appropriate "-dev" or library package. One of the
libraries has *large* dependencies and will take a while to download
(I imagine an hour or two if you're on dial-up). You won't be able to
install the ftp access library since it's apparently too buggy still
for GNOME.

Then, follow the instructions in the INSTALL file. I believe it's
./configure followed by make followedy by make install. Then, you can
launch bluefish by typing bluefish at the command line, or by creating
a menu item via "Oliver's" hint or by creating an icon on the desktop
(which I ought to figure out how to do).

To reiterate my starting point in conclusion -- it is (relatively)
easy to get Bluefish 1.0 functioning. If you can use the command line
to list the files in a directory and can display a file using (one of
the following commands) less, more, cat, pico or nano, you ought to be
able to follow the install instructions.


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