Suggestion: Tv-output that "Just Works" tm

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Wed Jan 26 06:52:32 CST 2005

Mattias Eriksson Wrote: 
> Hi,
> Yesterday totem (cvs) got some patches to enable libnvtvsimple in the
> gstreamer backend (the xine backend have had those patches for quite a
> while). This makes it possible to provide easy to use tv output. Just
> change a setting in totem and go to fullscreen, and the image will be
> displayed on both the screen and the TV. As ubuntu is focusing on
> providing a nice user experience it might be worth looking into this
> feature. 
> What would be required to provide this feature:
> 1. Package libnvtvsimple (you can get it at the same place as nvtv).
> 2. Build totem with this support, it will do no harm for users without
> tvout hardware. 
> 3. Possible install nvtv as default for users with hardware that is
> supported by nvtv. 
> Just a suggestion... 
> //Snaggen
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I'd be happy if this made it to universe...


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