Menus in Hoary/Gnome2.9

Jerry Haltom wasabi at
Fri Jan 21 10:06:27 CST 2005

Doesn't it seem a bit... mean... to drop an expected feature before
having a replacement in place? Doesn't seems like something I'd have
expected Ubuntu to do for a release. Doesn't seem like something Apple
would do. =)

On Fri, 2005-01-21 at 16:36 +0100, Sebastien Bacher wrote:
> Le vendredi 21 janvier 2005 à 09:19 -0600, thephotoman a écrit :
> > Okay, I need to know something: is there a way to edit the Applications 
> > menu from the panel in Gnome 2.9, 
> Hi,
> You can change the desktop files in /usr/share/applications or add some
> user desktop in ~/.local/share/applications. The Categories= line is
> used to determine the place of the entry in the menu, the desktop
> files/menu follow the freedesktop specifications.
> > is the inability for Nautilus to go to 
> > applications:/// a bug, or do you intend to make it impossible to adjust 
> > menu items in Gnome 2.10?
> applications:// was using the vfolder gnomevfs method which has been
> dropped in GNOME 2.9 for the new gnome-menus system. A menu editor need
> to be written but that will probably not happen for 2.10. There is
> nothing specific to the distribution here.
> You can also install menu and menu-xdg to get a Debian submenu with
> entries for all the applications installed.
> Cheers,
> Sebastien Bacher

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