Scary .desktop behaviour

David Mandelberg mandelbergd at
Wed Jan 19 19:14:39 CST 2005

Sivan Green wrote:
> Maybe add / modify the makefiles to chmod all the desktop
> files? :-)
How about only doing it to files that don't match this pcre:
/\<rm\>[\-\sa-zA-Z0-9]*\s(\$|.*\/.*)/ ? This could be outwitted by using eval
and sed or symlinks, but as there are no know exploits yet...

Version: 3.1
GAT/CM$/CS>$/CC/IT$/M/S/O/U dpu s+:++ !a C++$>C+++$
UB+++>++++$L++++$*-- P+>++$ L+++(++++)$ E-(---) W+++>$ N(+) o? K-
w--(---) O? M V? PS++@ PE-@ Y+@ PGP++(+++)>$ t? 5? X? R tv--(-)
b++(+++)@ DI? D? G e->++++ h* r? z*

David Mandelberg
mandelbergd at
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