Getting back/forward mouse buttons working as default

Enrico Zini enrico at
Sun Jan 16 09:03:02 CST 2005

On Sun, Jan 16, 2005 at 09:32:08AM -0500, Eric Dunbar wrote:

> > Since I vaguely remember seeing discussions on changing ctrl-alt-del
> > behaviour, I prefer to ask instead of tring to fix the page.
> Hmm. What is control-alt-Forward Delete (Del) supposed to do for those
> of you with that extra key? (I've got a laptop and Forward Delete is
> accessed by Function key-Delete (aka Backspace)).

In my case, it reboots the system :)

You can try pressing control-alt-Fn-backspace in your system (only when
you are not doing anything important!).

You can control that behaviour in /etc/inittab: mine reads, at some

  # What to do when CTRL-ALT-DEL is pressed.
  ca:12345:ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown -t1 -a -r now



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