Congratulations, Jonathan Riddell!

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Sat Jan 15 06:05:33 CST 2005

On Sat, Jan 15, 2005 at 10:15:21AM +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Congratulations and welcome aboard to Jonathan Riddell, who made his first
> upload today. :-)

Shucks, thanks Jeff.  Does that make me one of the first non-canonical

A few questions:

I uploaded to warty-security by the build logs havn't shown up.  Are
the build logs kept secret and why?  What's the process for security
uploads being approved and how can I keep track of it?

What's my status in the new developer and maintainer process?  The
wiki page is unclear.  What's the difference between a committer and a
maintainer?  What's the difference between limited and unlimited?
Currently I'm not allowed to upload to main but if kdelibs is moved to
main (to allow for KDE integrated openoffice) I may need to be able
to, what's the process for being allowed to touch main?

What's the process for NEW packages?  How often are they reviewed?
elmo said that NEW should "have broken", why is that?

KDE 3.4 can use HAL which requires DBUS Qt bindings, is the dbus
package likely to get Qt bindings?

KDE 3.4 also includes DNS-SD using mDNSResponder-87 from apple.  Is
the Apple Public Source Licence 2 likly to cause any problems?  It seems
to have the approval of the FSF.


Jonathan Riddell

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