Old Gnome menus not being fully recognised

Mark C lists at funkypenguin.net
Mon Jan 10 14:32:58 CST 2005

Mike Hearn wrote:

> So basically we don't use XDG menus for anything except Fedora Core right now.
> I think Mark will just have to wait until Hoary comes out, and a new Crossover
> release is out, and upgrade then. Or try and hack his menu setup manually.

I have no problem hacking the menus to work (already done that), and I
understand that Hoary is not supported as it's a development release,
I entered the original mail, as it happened on several applications.

> Sorry guys ... sounds like something which will be fixed maybe by the summer.
> Once Hoary is out and we get around to regression testing the menu code against
> various distros that will almost certainly include Ubuntu.

This is understandable, and I appreciate that a stable application
cannot alter to accommodate a development release.

Shall I enter a support ticket at the code weavers site?


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