info files for autoconf???

Magnus Therning magnus at
Thu Jan 6 15:04:43 CST 2005

I am not sure whether this is the correct place to report this, Debian
devel might be a better place, but before I bother them I thought I'd
check here.

Where are the info files for autoconf?

I have entries in my 'dir' file for the following:

 * autoconf: (autoconf)autoconf Invocation.
                                        How to create configuration scripts
 * autoreconf: (autoconf)autoreconf Invocation.
                                        Remaking multiple `configure' scripts
 * autoheader: (autoconf)autoheader Invocation.
                                        How to create configuration templates
 * autom4te: (autoconf)autom4te Invocation.
                                        The Autoconf executables backbone
 * configure: (autoconf)configure Invocation.
                                        Configuring a package.
 * autoupdate: (autoconf)autoupdate Invocation.
                                        Automatic update of `'
 * config.status: (autoconf)config.     status Invocation. Recreating

But none of the links works :(


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