Announcing security hardened kernels for testing

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Tue Jan 4 10:52:13 CST 2005


Markus Kolb [2005-01-04 16:57 +0100]:
> Martin Pitt wrote on Tue, Jan 04, 2005 at 16:16:55 +0100:
> > Hello to all security addicts out there!
> [...]
> >  - Some programs (most notably and still rely on
> >    executing writeable memory, so the PaX protection has to be
> >    disabled for them. You have to install the "chpax" package and
> >    execute the following commands before everything will work:
> > 
> Any ideas how long the list of "some" programs might be?

So far I heard that Java causes trouble. But I have never used Java,
so I cannot really tell. Otherwise I did not notice any problems, so
I think the list will stay relatively short.

As I said, I will try to integrate that into the kernel's and
package's installation scripts so that users don't have to do it


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