pl-utf.kmap for Hoary (pl_PL.UTF-8 console keyboard map)

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Tue Jan 4 10:07:47 CST 2005


First, let me introduce myself - I'm not an Ubuntu user yet, but
I'm tracking Debian sid and planning to move to Ubuntu eventually.
I'm looking forward to Hoary's support of UTF-8 very much, and I'd
like Hoary to be as feature-complete as can be.

When moving to pl_PL.UTF-8 locale I've found that Debian was lacking
a keyboard map that would allow the user to input UTF-8 characters when
working in the console. After some discussion on the debian-user-polish
mailing list, Tomasz Brzezina wrote a pl-utf.kmap file and I've tested
it a bit with success; unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish his work
at that time (I'd like to add some typographical characters like curly
quotes, em- and en-dash, the ellipsis and so forth, but kmap files were
new to me and I have to research everything from scratch).

What is the timeframe for such and update for Hoary? I know that very
few target users use the console, but having UTF-8 input there as well
would be a nice touch.

Where should I send the finished keymap - upstream, Debian, Ubuntu?
When should I do it at the latest to have it in Hoary's console-common?

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