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Bas van der Lei wrote:
| I think coaster has a few advantages over the others:
|       * No more cdrecord and cdrdao. It uses libburn, which is the
|         future imo because it is supported by

That's nice.  Libs are easier to integrate than external apps.

|       * It has a clean interface. It is not a nero clone like k3b or
|         gnomebaker. You can just drag-and-drop files from nautilus.

"Clean interface" being "it's minimal to the point that it's hindersome."

| GnomeBaker seems to me like a pretty slick solution for people coming
| from nero or easycd creator.

Or for newbies who have never seen cd burning software.

| But to let cd-writing really make sense to novice users I think there
| should be druids for the basic tasks (like the wizards in most
| commercial cd-writing software).

In the screenshots for coaster, I don't even see how to tell it whether
you want to burn audio files as tracks or as files.  GnomeBaker at least
has "Data" and "Audio".  It shows Mixed mode for v0.4 in its future;
it'd be automatically intuitive if the interface just assumed that
having "Data" and "Audio" contents at the same time meant mixed mode CD :)

| An other thing is how good the program can be integrated in the existing
| software. I would love to see a burn to CD option in the Rhythmbox music
| player :-) Or something like create a VCD/DVD from these video files.

It can?

| Just my 2 cents.

Eh.  I still don't understand it :)

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