Introduction, questions

Alistair Davidson alistair at
Wed Feb 23 19:17:20 CST 2005

John Richard Moser wrote:
>>While I'm emailing anyway, one issue I feel I have to red flag (sorry if
>>it's been discussed/fixed already), which I think is really a Gnome
>>issue- there are many tasks that only seem accomplishable by using the
>>right-click menu, including ejecting CDs! Like I say sorry if it's fixed
>>but this problem was enough to confuse me for a good ten seconds, my
>>grandfather never would have worked it out, and other than that I'd like
>>to get him using Ubuntu because it is better than Windows in the main.
> Context menus are a great UI tool.  The user looks at what he wants to
> do something to, then gets a list of things to do to it, then does it.
> icons in menus are also a major enhancement, because you can more
> readily recognize a picture from a list than a word.

I have nothing against context menus, but there should always be a way 
of accomplishing any task that's in a context menu without using that 
menu. Believe it or not, many computer users do not understand the right 
mouse button. And even for more experienced types, it isn't necessarily 
the most obvious place- context menus are for shortcuts.

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