Running hdparm after hotplug

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Wed Feb 23 14:49:18 CST 2005

On Wed, Feb 23, 2005 at 12:06:22AM -0500, Jeff Bailey wrote:

> With the hack I did to hotplug to allow it to detect IDE devices, CD
> drives are loaded without DMA enabled.

This is related to
so I've given it to you.

> I don't know what the best solution is, though.  We currently have:
> 07 - hdparm
> 10 - checkroot - Remounts root as rw
> 20 - module-init-tools - Processes /etc/modules
> 25 - mdadm-raid
> 26 - lvm
> 27 - evms
> 35 - mountall
> Potentially problematic if relying on hotplug to provide these drives
> 40 - hotplug
> So I see two problems.  One being that hdparm is started too soon, and
> the other being that hotplug is started too late.  I was thinking that
> perhaps hotplug could be moved to 21ish, and hdparm to 24ish but I don't
> quite know how these numbers are all chosen.

hdparm could be worked around by running it again, later in the boot process
(or even moving it, and accepting that the settings won't take effect until

The only sequence numbers which are fixed are defined in Debian policy;
beyond that it is all ad-hoc between package maintainers.  It's fairly clear
that the boot process is becoming too complicated for such an approach, and
a dependency-based system would be a good idea at some point.  I've been
hoping that a de facto standard would emerge, but this hasn't happened yet.

 - mdz

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