Explanation of the differences between archive/security/xxx.ubuntu.com

Gavin Hemphill gavin.hemphill at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Wed Feb 23 09:33:30 CST 2005

Hmmmmm, I would agree with that except that if you rsync security you 
get a lot more than the security updates (you appear to get exactly what 
is available in archive at least to any level of comparison that I've 
been able to do).  In fact any tests that i've done indicate that 
security and archive resolve to the same host most of the time, so I'm 
still leaning toward traffic shaping as being the difference.

cpinto at yimports.com wrote:

> Hi,
> security only gets security updates, everything else goes into archives.
> For example, let's say you have apache2 v. 2.0.30 and an advisory is
> released. The guys at the Apache project release a patch and the Ubuntu
> maintainer creates a apache2-2.0.30-1 package. Since this is security
> related it goes into the security archive.
> Later on, the guys from the Apache project release a version 2.0.31 of
> httpd. This isn't a security update so the new version goes into the
> archive server.
> Hope this helps :)
> Cheers,
> Celso
>>Hello there:
>>	As a recent adopter of ubuntu and out of a desire to set up a mirror
>>for ubuntu that will be available to a large organization.  I'd like to
>>set up the mirror as close as possible to the way the original is
>>organized  (both ftp and http access, similar traffic shaping policies
>>etc.).  I'm assuming that the difference between archive.ubuntu.com and
>>security.ubuntu.com is simply one of traffic shaping policy but I can't
>>find that documented anywhere so I'm not sure.  There are also other
>>domain names that exist and I'd love to know what they all mean, so
>>could some kind soul please explain the differences between the
>>"archive/security/xxx".ubuntu.com domain names.
>>	G++
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