OpenOffice.org2.0 database application

Miguel Angel Zarza trukulo at
Wed Feb 23 04:58:36 CST 2005

> Well before OOo2 was in ubuntus repositories I built it myself by
> converting the RPMs from the site. They installed fine(ish) and
> OpenOffice.Org Base was there as a standalone launcher. I think that
> Celso migh be right in that it is not there as it uses Java. If you
> lauch it yourself from Writer - I imageine it will work if you have
> installed java yourself and fail if you have not. who packages OOo2?
> The database app really needs to work for the final version as it will
> be one of the major highlight features of OOo2, people will see that
> it doesnt work in ubuntu and simply go elsewhere.... that said - I
> understand the limitations as to the licencing of java.. tricky one

It works, at least, if you have java installed it works.

I know because i tried it yesterday, and i played a little with OOBase 
(very unstable and incomplete).

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