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Thibaut Varene faucon.millenium at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 04:51:44 CST 2005

On Tue, 22 Feb 2005 23:59:55 +0000, James Troup <james at nocrew.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Another day of fun.

> Install CD Test on HP RX1600 (ia64)
> -----------------------------------
>  - Install failed entirely at partitioning stage due to lack of MPT
>    fusion modules in scsi-*.udeb ... -> no disks to install on. [Will
>    apparently be fixed by next linux-source-2.6.10 upload]

Yeah, known problem, should effectively work in the next ISO roll (or
so we hope).

> Install test on Apple G5 (powerpc)
> ----------------------------------
> - partman offers you the chance to 'Use largest free space' even if
>   there isn't enough.  [Will file a bug]
> - Partition #1 is sacrosanct on Macs, it'd be really nice if partman
>   knew this.

It's a little trickier than this actually. Some Apple partitions
scheme use a lot of minuscule partitions at the head of the disk to
store "drivers" and so on (this is especially true if the HD was
formatted under MacOS 9).

OTOH, I've noticed that the OSX partitionner created 128MB "FREE
SPACE" partition before every HFS+ ones I'd setup. Since that happen
after I reformatted my HD with "Journalling HFS+" support, I *thought*
(but am not yet sure) that there's a link between journalling and
these partitions.

I've not investigated enough to make sure there's effectively a
correlation or if that's just an artifact, but I've seen these 128MB
partitions on every box I formated the HD. If there is such a
correlation, and if that partition is used to store journal data (as I
suspect), it'd be nice if partman would be aware of that...

I'll try to do some minor tests on a scratch disk to see what's it
exactly about.

> - The (amount of) locales that you get with the English language pack
>   (is/)are insane.  Given that the installer knows exactly which
>   variant of English I'm using, it'd be nice if the language pack
>   could be a little less scattershot about it.  Alternatively if
>   locale-gen wasn't insanely slow, maybe I'd care less.

Definitely true, noticed that too.



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