Running hdparm after hotplug

Jeff Bailey jbailey at
Tue Feb 22 23:06:22 CST 2005

With the hack I did to hotplug to allow it to detect IDE devices, CD
drives are loaded without DMA enabled.

I don't know what the best solution is, though.  We currently have:

07 - hdparm

10 - checkroot - Remounts root as rw

20 - module-init-tools - Processes /etc/modules

25 - mdadm-raid
26 - lvm
27 - evms
35 - mountall

Potentially problematic if relying on hotplug to provide these drives

40 - hotplug

So I see two problems.  One being that hdparm is started too soon, and
the other being that hotplug is started too late.  I was thinking that
perhaps hotplug could be moved to 21ish, and hdparm to 24ish but I don't
quite know how these numbers are all chosen.

Jeff Bailey

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