New Zope & Plone packages for hoary

Matthias Klose m at
Tue Feb 22 16:47:42 CST 2005

New Zope & Plone packages are available at, which I plan to upload to hoary on
Friday. Please give them a try before and report feedback. Adding
  deb ./
to /etc/apt/sources.list is a way to install them,
then `apt-get install zope2.7-sandbox' or `apt-get install plone-site'.

What's new?

- prepackaged instances, currently zope2.7-sandbox, an
  instance for development and testing, and plone-site,
  an instance running plone.

- the current packagig didn't handle multiple instances
  too well. each packaged product did show up in every
  zope instance you created on your system. The new
  packaging implements an all-addon or manual-policy,
  the former installing all addons as before in an
  instance, the latter only installing those addons
  which you did specify, but keeps them up-to-date,
  when new packaged versions of the addons become

- Simplified packaging using dh_installzope(1).

Basic documentation can be found in the README of
zope-common, there's more documentation in the


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