/.dev directory

Cameron Hutchison camh+ubuntu at xdna.net
Mon Feb 21 15:32:45 CST 2005

Once upon a time Jesus Garcia said...
> I use Hoary and today i've seen i have a /.dev directory.
> It  seems like /dev dir but it was not been accessed/used since 3 months ago.
> It's save to remove this dir??

The udev package is used to create a dynamic /dev. To do this, it mounts
a memory filesystem (tmpfs) over /dev. The original /dev on the disk is
redirected to /.dev .

You can remove /.dev if you want. The way to do this is to unmount /.dev
and remove the .dev directory (which will be empty after it is

$ sudo umount /.dev
$ sudo rmdir /.dev

udev should not re-create /.dev if it has been removed. If you need it
back for some reason, I think all you need to do is mkdir /.dev and

In debian it is planned to make changes soon so that /.dev is instead
placed inside /dev but I dont know if this change would make it to

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