LiveCD (Array 5) infinite loop on boot time

Juan Jesus Ojeda Croissier juanjesus.ojeda at
Mon Feb 21 11:14:12 CST 2005

Hi guys ;)

I was try to test the LiveCD last saturday and I found a problem to do
that.... I get in a infitite loop when d-i was trying to find a Access
Point for the Wireless network interface....
I got a Toshiba Centrino with ipw2100 wireless card. D-i detected well
the card, but I was far for any AP and when the system tried conect to,
well... just get into a loop.
I tried kill the process and load again the d-i and few things more, but
nothing :(
I did't look the code, beacuse I was busy, but I'll do.
Anyway, when I have time, I'll keep trying and send a couple of patches
what I was thinking on.
BTW, congratulations it's a very good job with this stuff.

Juan Jesus Ojeda Croissier

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