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Jay R. Wren jrwren at
Sun Feb 20 12:41:49 CST 2005

On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 03:40:16 +1100, Shimon <shimen at> wrote:
> > DCC is the way to go. We need to go forward, not backward. So if your
> > monitor does not support DCC, get a new one or you can still edit your
> > refresh rates manually.
> True but it never going to happen.
> There is no way I am getting rid of this moni after spending $300 for
> it last year.
> And there are a lot of people using moni back from 98/99/00 i can say
> about 1 out of 10 people are.

Just my 0.02.

DDC has been around since 1996, and possibly earlier.  Windows 95 had
support for using DDC for monitor settings and resolutions.

It seems like it would be very possible, even not difficult, to simply
probe for DDC,  and use it, if it is there.  Otherwise, prompt the
user in a friendly way, with a "we could not determine of what your
monitor is capable" message.

Indeed it looks like it is not that easy to solve:

Maybe we could ask the xorg folks for the ability to get more DDC
information for use with friendly tools?
Jay R. Wren

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