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> This looks interesting, I think I will take a closer look this weekend.
>> From the other thread it sounded like there might be consensus that
> the ideal thing would be to have an IDE written in python for python.
> Here at least is a start on things.  With Gazpacho as a GUI builder we
> can have the whole python development process done using python-based
> tools.

I've looked at different editors/IDEs in my search for the perfect python development environment. There is one huge mess, all of them failed convincing me due to various reasons. The perceived extra cruft from most IDEs was soo huge that I always defaulted to editors rather than full blown IDEs.
I've used PyPE and loved it until changes in wxpython made it a pain to use... then I switched to SciTE. I love it for the speed and simplicity BUT I sure miss the overview or outline of the file... navigation within project files is also rather difficult, most of the time I just open all the files I work on and leave them open for days via sessions.

The approach Eclipse has is, in my view, genial. Perspectives! I want my IDE to look one way when I'm writing code, another way when I'm debugging, GUI design is decoupled from writing code because they are 2 different things, 2 different way to interact with the IDE. CVS interaction is yet another thing.... the Eclipse's CVS perspective is by far the best tool I've ever used in that field.

So... what to do?
The obvious thing would be to imitate the best and reimplement at least some parts of Eclipse in python. Visually divide the IDE in components... use some MVC architecture for the code... do the thing the right way... reuse code from already established projects like PyPE, Boa, SPE, DrPython, Eric3.
In my view the IDE should be created in wxPython because it is the best cross-platform toolkit and because I think there could be a huge benefit for the IDE to be cross-platform. There should be a clear and "extreme" separation between the View-Controller part and the Model part because writing a View-Controller is easy and can be transformed into a visual activity... the model is the tricky part. View-Controller is "layout and connections" this SHOULD be done visually (less chance for errors) also... doing it visually means that at some point it could be easily ported to another toolkit  (like QT)

I realise there are a lot of issues Ubuntu devel team(s) need to address... an "editor" for python is probably at the bottom of their TODO lists because most developers already have vi or emacs and because there are other tools available for the rest of us mortals.... BUT still I can dream about a big company investing in a python IDE the kind of money IBM invested in Eclipse or at least a small fraction... :)
think about this:
Question: "How many developers have to be hired to create a brand new Python IDE?"
Answer: One!
This is how I view it! One is enough if is the right one. All he/she has to do is design and coordinate the development.
Think about the ROI in such a Python IDE! If you do it right you will lower the entry bar for developers.... more users will become developers.

Realistically thinking I know there won't be anyone fulfilling my dreams so... the burden is on me... If I want such an IDE I should do it... small steps... last week I managed to create the project, this week I managed to code some colored panels to get a feel for the layout... maybe next week I'll manage to actually start working on plug-ins (components) maybe in 2-3 months there will be functional enough for me to use it... and then... maybe people will come... :)
Maybe this is my Personal Legend.

Peter Damoc
Warrior Of The Light

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