Python IDE cont.....

Chris Wilson blixtra at
Wed Feb 16 18:47:57 CST 2005

Hi all,

First off, sorry to take the discussion out of the original thread. I
just signed up for this list a week ago.

Wanted to point out that it looks like someone has started an IDE in
python using GTK+. It's called GRAD (Gnome Rapid Application
Development). Check it out...

And the blurb form the GnomeFiles page:

-------------------------start blurb------------------------------------------
Full Featured IDE for PyGTK
GRAD is a new project, its main objective is to provide a full featured
IDE for PyGTK.

Main Features:

Code Editor based on GtkSourceView Alpha
Class Browser Alpha
Run Scripts Alpha
Interactive Console and Output Alpha
Interactive Traceback Alpha
Project Management To Do
AutoComplete To Do
Step by Step debug To Do
Gazpacho and libglade integration To Do
-------------------end blurb------------------------------------------------

Maybe it was sparked by the ubuntu-devel thread.  The screenshot looks
like the developer could be running Ubuntu.

Doesn't look like much yet but it's a start.


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