Macromedia flash and sound

Shimon shimen at
Wed Feb 16 06:49:06 CST 2005

the problem is with esd if you swap to polypaudio all will be fixed

On Tue, 15 Feb 2005 02:32:11 -0500, evangelion <dlist at> wrote:
> I always have this problem too.  Firefox does not seem to play well with
> any sort of mixing software at all, try closing firefox then running
> "killall -9 esd", if you're listening to music stop it, then open up
> firefox and try your flash site again.  Even if you start playing some
> music or play a sound later while firefox is open after that you'll
> still have to close it and kill everything.  At least that's what I do,
> it's not elegant in the least, but it works.
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