Ubuntu @ LinuxWorld

Benj. Mako Hill mako at canonical.com
Tue Feb 15 13:59:48 CST 2005


As as has been mentioned on this list before, Ubuntu will not an
official presence at LinuxWorld in Boston this year. However, there
are a few Ubuntites that are going to making appearances. I'm among

If people are interested in meeting up, please drop me a line off-list
or call/SMS me[1]. I'll miss the first day (today) but get into Boston
as soon as I can after the Technical Board meeting today and then be
there for the remainder of the conference. We all can organize
something for Ubuntu-Love day as well. :)

I know I will see a few of you there -- hopefully lots!


P.S. I have a limited supply of Ubuntu CDs. :) Get me quickly and I'm
make sure you get some.

Benjamin Mako Hill
mako at canonical.com

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