Just Working tv-output, a starting point

Mattias Eriksson snaggen at acc.umu.se
Mon Feb 14 09:38:41 CST 2005


I have now started my quest to make tv-output just work in Ubuntu. As a
first step I have repackaged nvtv to make it include libnvtvsimple. The
packages are available att http://www.acc.umu.se/~snaggen/ubuntu/
(However, the release file seems broken... so I'd be happy if anyone can
tell me how to correct setup a repository). 

The next step will be to try to get this into universe, and hopefully
later into main. I will also repackage totem for testing since the
version in main cant be built with libnvtvsimple. The goal is to see
totem in main get a libnvtvsimple-dev build dependency and then maybe
modify the installation process to install the nvtv package for people
with the supported hardware. 

Any objections to my plans? 

(Just a note, my planed repackaging of totem is not a plan to do a
hostile takeover, but a way to provide a package for testing until
libnvtvsimple can hit main). 


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