Bringing newly-installed users into the community (Re: Should XChat default to freenode and #ubuntu?)

Joao Inacio jcinacio at
Sun Feb 13 15:08:52 CST 2005

don't know if this is still on, but here's my 2 cents anyway:

i believe #ubuntu-welcome would be a nice thing to greet new users,
'advertise' the mailing lists, (unnoficial?) forums, and possibly
other channels (help / local), and ocasional help.

personally, i don't think a default channel would should the place for
users to get help, because that would mean (i'm just guessing here)
new users would enter straight into a flooded channel... and _expect_
to be guiven help;
that situation could become harmfull for both users and 'staff'

so #ubuntu-welcome would try to redirect most of help requests to a
possible help channel, (or the mailing list, forums...), and just act
as a 'front-gate' to a great community that many people might miss.

in short, yeah, a default #ubuntu-welcome would be a great thing to
have if properly used.

João Inácio
jcinacio at

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