Some suggestion of hoary snapshot install

Xan DXpublica at
Sun Feb 13 08:34:25 CST 2005

Yes. Probably it implies more work. I assume your comments.
I only expose my idea, but yes it's not good at all.

We have to think for best solution or mantain what we want: stronger hardware 
detection and the same screen.


Dissabte 12 Febrer 2005 14:04, en/na Daniel Stone (<Daniel Stone 
<daniel at>>) va escriure:
>>Re: Some suggestion of hoary snapshot install
> On Sat, Feb 12, 2005 at 01:41:27PM +0100, Xan wrote:
> > For that I suggest to pass from this technical names screen to two
> > screens: one for manufacturer name and one for model name. So with that,
> > we don't select "radeon" name in one screen. Instead of that, we choose
> > "ATI" in manufacturer screen and "Radeon 9200" in the model screen.
> > Internally ubuntu installer knows that "ATI" + "Radeon 9200" = "radeon"
> > driver.
> I think this is a lot of effort for a screen no-one should actually ever
> see.
> > But the trouble with that is that the same videocard could work with
> > several drivers. For example ATI Radeon 9200 could works with radeon,
> > ati, vesa and fb. So the assignation is not univoque and so ubuntu
> > installer have not easy work to selecting what driver choose for ATI
> > Radeon 9200 from avaliable drivers (and if it have easy work, some
> > (expert) people perhaps wants to run ATI Radeon 9200 with some specific
> > drivers (fb instead of radeon for example)).
> Um, if people want to do that, then they can do that, but it's not
> something we should be supporting in our installer.
> > I think a lot of that and perhaps the best solution I think is:
> >
> > 1) First translate the technical names to more large technical names.
> > For example translate "fb" to "Framebuffer (fb)", .... This is optional.
> This fails the 'my mum' test: my mum doesn't know what a framebuffer is.
> She has an ATI RageIIC in her machine, and would hardly know what that
> is.
> > 2) Near the name, put a button of "information/help". When we press that
> > button, appears a dialog with information of all videocard that could
> > work with that driver.
> Do you have any idea how huge those dialogs would be?  Not to mention if
> they were incomplete, it would be a problem -> ATI releases the X860
> after Hoary's release, the dialog doesn't include that although it is
> perfectly capable since it's a r4xx, and people get confused.
> > What do you think?
> > Perhaps you could pick some idea for that.
> No disrespect intended, but I think the way we have it is just fine
> right now, especially with vendor defaults for the most popular
> manufacturers (e.g. if it's an ATI card that we don't know about,
> just put in 'ati' and hope for the best).

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