Merging Live and Install CDs

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Fri Feb 11 21:05:25 CST 2005

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panickedthumb wrote:
> I think a "quick fix" for this would be a gtk based installer on the
> livecd that asks you for the Ubuntu Install cd and/or connects to the
> network for a network install. 

Yes, net install is a quick fix.  My idea was a more long-term solution
for CD based installs.  It's similar to Jigdo I guess, more like JigDeb  :)

> Personally, I'd probably use the LiveCD
> as a pre-install environment if this were implemented. I think the
> live-dvd idea is great, but for those of us without DVD burners, a
> simple installer app that links to cd or network sources would be
> fan-freakin-tastic.

For those of us without network (who the @#*^% would that be), a CD
install is good.  A LiveCD/Install is damn cool though.

We could also consider that LiveCDs are highly advanced pieces of
software.  They go in any machine and work.  They configure hardware,
network, come with software pre-installed, set up X, all without any

Perhaps cloning a LiveCD to the desktop would be a better installation.
 The convergence of the Live environment to the desktop environment
would aid this; with very few differences, the essentials of Live could
become a package which could be switched for Desktop.  Thus is created a
simpler installation process.

I personally prefer pseudo-debs/JigDebs.  They would operate exactly as
normal debs (could possibly generate debs from JigDebs as you cache them
to the filesystem too), and thus the installation process would need no
modifications.  They represent much less work and a much more durable
solution than trying to equate the LiveCD and the installed base.


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