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Thom Holwerda slakje at quicknet.nl
Thu Feb 10 05:18:18 CST 2005

PS: Allthough I might not be able to do any serious work on the port, I 
still can be of help, in 2 ways:

1) I'm the main editor of http://www.expert-zone.com , a news site on 
computing/OS et. I can post an item about the SPARC port there-- might 
be able to link that to OSNews as well. It could make more people aware 
of the porting effort and generate some help;

2) Of course, my machine is available for testing :).


On 10-feb-05, at 11:44, Thom Holwerda wrote:

>>> I was wondering-- what chances are there that we'll ever see an 
>>> Ubuntu
>>> version for (Ultra)SPARC?
>> Today is your lucky day! sparc.ubuntu.com - thanks to Fabio, who is 
>> building
>> it in his spare time. I'm sure he'd love some help. :-)
> Oh I definitely would if I was of any help :). I'm already happy if I 
> edit a X config file properly :). No, that's a joke but it's not far 
> from the truth.
> Is there any status page? Or maybe Fabio has a blog where he keeps 
> track?
> I'm really excited about this, and thanks for the reply!
> Thom
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