Python IDE

apoc dlist at
Wed Feb 9 16:50:57 CST 2005

As a newbie to everyting programming, I can only say that this would be
great.. over the last few days I have tried to figure out how to get
python and glade talking together.. It seems that every tutorial I find
is for some old version, or that I am doing something wrong.

If someone would like to kickstart me let me know :)

So far I have installed
Glade-2, IDLE and Anjuta

In IDLE I can start the basic "hello world!" script
In Glade-2 I can make the design.. the interface is pretty easy..
In Anjuta I can get python code highlighting and nothing else, so it
didn't really help me more than gedit would. (The tutorial mentions
glade, I just can see how to start it from anjuta).

I could continue and try to get more of the mentioned programs around
in this forum, but I doubt it will help me much..

At least VB is easy to edit what a button does, how come not so with
python/glade ;)


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