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Tue Feb 8 16:41:35 CST 2005

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Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="John Richard Moser">
>>The problem being that "open a torrent" involves browsing to the torrent
>>on the hard drive which means you have to save the torrent, meaning you
>>have to browse to where you want it to be on the hard drive.  Afterwards
>>you have to browse to where you want the torrent retrieved to.
> Mmm, I said in my previous mail that this doesn't happen to me. The torrent
> mimetype is associated with gnome-bt, so your second workflow (browser pulls
> down the torrent file and loads gnome-bt immediately) is what I see here.


> I also suggested that a possible cause could be a webserver not correctly
> setting the mimetype for torrent files, telling the browser it's text/plain
> or something similar, which would result in the behaviour you're seeing.
> But that's not the fault of gnome-bt. :-)
> - Jeff

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