Array CD 3, "HEAD" (and, probably, Array CD 4) hal issues

Shot (Piotr Szotkowski) shot at
Tue Feb 8 11:55:18 CST 2005


Matt Zimmerman:

> I've opened this bug:
> if you create a Bugzilla account, you can
> assist us in the troubleshooting effort there.

I see I'm late for this one. The good news is
that the new hal fixed the problem for me as well.

> Ah, I see.  So the grub package actually failed to install,
> as opposed to grub failing to install itself in the MBR.


> Please file a bug in Bugzilla, using component 'grub-installer'.
> I find it very strange that changing the filesystem fixed this.  Did
> you see anything on console #3 at this point?  If so, include details
> in your bug report.

I didn't check the third console, unfortunately. I commented on #2013,
at it looked like the same problem I encountered (although I didn't
check the date of the bug and didn't notice it's a low bug number;
it's my first encounter with a Bugzilla BTS). If you'd like me to open
a new bug I'll gladly do so.

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   a machine I've never heard of is down.                 -- Leslie Lamport
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