CD auto-play after upgrade

Robert Crosbie swingincelt at
Tue Feb 8 09:46:58 CST 2005

On Tue, 08 Feb 2005 16:12:00 +0100, Daniel Holbach <dh at> wrote:
> Robert Crosbie wrote:
> >I'm just wondering if this is desirable and/or preventable?  If it
> >were a DVD or other media in the drive I wouldn't want it to play and
> >bog down my system.
> >
> >
> Hi Robert,
> you can turn it off, in the GNOME preferences: Desktop -> Preferences ->
> Removable Devices (?).  (I have the german translations on, so I'm not
> 100% sure.) A nice feature is to turn on  sound-juicer  once you
> inserted an audio CD, but anyway: you'll find the preferences to be
> highly-configurable.
> Have a nice day,
>  Daniel

Oh, I know I can configure gnomes autoplay, but what I would want is
the autoplay to occur when I physically insert a disk, but not when
hal (or some underlying gvm layer) is restarted due to an upgrade.

Imagine someone with a slow connection starting a system upgrade and
leaving their apartment, only to return and find their music blasting
and some angry neighbors.  A hypothetical situation, but I'm sure
there are situations where you would not want the content of your
removable media to start playing unexpectedly.


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