synaptic with dpkg progressbar in hoary

Aurélien Naldi aurelien.naldi at
Fri Feb 4 02:00:14 CST 2005

On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 15:50:31 -0800, Matt Zimmerman <mdz at> wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 03, 2005 at 06:38:47PM -0500, JoWilly wrote:
> > 1 question: how do you deal with packages where user input is needed
> > (like the hpoj drivers for HP multifuction devices) ?
> >
> > Does it automatically open the terminal view or popup something ?
> Packages which do that kind of thing are not compliant with current
> packaging policies, and should be considered buggy.

quite a lot of packages are waiting for user input, when the gnome
frontend to debconf is avaible is seems to use it, that's great...

I ran into a "little" problem anyway, I have apt-listbugs installed,
it was waiting for my ack to start the install, would be nice if the
terminal could appear automagically in this case or if apt-listbugs
could be adapted to popup a dialog window...

exept this, very nice work, worked like a charm. It made me try
synaptic again and it's really getting great :))

aurelien naldi

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