proposing a gnome bittorrent client

iwasbiggs dlist at
Mon Feb 7 14:04:29 CST 2005

I forgot to mention and my makefile isn't clear, but this requires the
python2.4-gnome2-extras (and possibly the dev version) package also. 
These packages supplies bindings to the egg tray.

grafton Wrote: 
> I'm not sure how set in stone the use of gnome bittorrent
> ( is for the hoary release, but I figured I'd try
> anyway.
> Recently, I caught up on the discussion of a the need for a BitTorrent
> client and started to write one myself. Realizing feature freeze is
> near I rushed my things together in a semi distributable form. I'm new
> to autotools, so please bear with me if things don't work for you.
> You can get the client (Freeloader) from here:
> Webpage and screen shots:
> It is not as feature complete as I would have, but it will soon be (I
> think the biggest missing feature is saving preferences after exit).
> Check the TODO file for stuff I have in mind. It is already very
> usable.
> It supports standard web transfers as well as torrents and multiple
> simultaneous downloads in a single interface.
> It requires a fairly recent pygtk.
> Please let me know what your think.Thanks for your time,
> Steven
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