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Mon Feb 7 11:00:01 CST 2005

i sent the attached mail to ubuntu-users yesterday, mdz found it more
appropriate here, so i resend it  :)

hi community,

since the MOTU team now started to grow slowly, i think its about time
to have some discussion how to structurize the mainenance work in the
i have set up a wiki page with an idea i had about the topic since some

the described teams should not only be built by package maintainers,
i.e. if there is a icewm team in the alternate desktop section to
provide a low level system alternative for the desktop, there is
probably interest to have a ubuntu specific look and feel for icewm, so
additionally someone to do design work is needed. changes must be tested
and documented so also a userbase for testing and a documentation must
be in place.

teamleaders should at least be approved ubuntu members (gpg signed the
code of conduct and be approved in a CC meeting) but dont need to be
package maintainers (additional approvement by 2 CC/TB/MOTU members and
proof of basic packaging skills)
(indeed every team should have at least one universe maintainer to do
the packaging and uploads)

all teams should work tight together with the specific main team (i.e.
if there is a common way to write documentation where the main
documentation team has made a xml skeleton for docs, it would be nice to
use this everywhere to keep universe consistent with the rest of the
ubuntu world)

please feel free to add your own ideas, critics, comments to the wiki
page and remember that universe completely lies in the communitys hands,
the quality of the software, the integration of the packages in the
whole system, everything will be only as good as we all make/improve it
for ubuntu....

....and dont say i cant, i know that everybody has some talent where he
can participate and you wont convince me of the contrary ;)

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