Python IDE

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Sun Feb 6 19:03:21 CST 2005

Today at 0:56, Sridhar Ratna wrote:

> Well, there is Anjuta2 (will be released this month) which integrates
> Glade3 into the IDE.  I hope there is plugin for python specific
> projects.

Python itself comes with IDLE; Gazpacho is a Glade3 rewritten (and
extended) in Python, etc.  

Many programmers still prefer Emacs/Vi, and that's probably what
stalls the development of other tools.

All this aside, I don't see how is this related to Ubuntu
development.  Yes, having an IDE integrated would be excellent (hey,
Emacs is in there ;), but I've seen no concrete proposal (with
"concrete" being "known to be suitable for Python + PyGTK
development", not "it can be extended to support it").


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