Nautilus burner failing to erase mounted cd-rw

Mark Cooke markcooke.interweb at
Thu Feb 3 22:14:43 CST 2005

I came to use the built in Nautilus cd burner this afternoon and found
an oddity with the dialog boxes.

I put in an already populated cd-rw, the window comes up and shows the
files as normal in nautilus, I close this then drag a few files into
the cd burner window (the cd-rw is still mounted at this point).

Upon trying to burn the cd, it asks if I would like to erase the
contents, I click yes and the windows disappears (still leaving the
main cd burner window open).

So I go through the procedure again and get the same box, only this
time, it actually erases the cd and create the new one perfectly ok.

It would seem to be something with the cd being mounted, if I unmount
the cd, then it does the process without asking to erase the cd at
all, I would expect it to carry on the process after I click 'erase
contents on cd' and create the cd and it.

Has anyone else come across this before?

It works as expected in Warty, bu in Hoary I always get this.


A fool lies awake at nights, worrying of this and that;
weary is he when morning breaks, and all remains as before.

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