XXI century and still using 386 packages...

Christian Bjälevik nafallo at magicalforest.se
Wed Feb 2 13:41:33 CST 2005

Alberto Núñez wrote:
> I suppose I'm not the first that comment this... 
You're not. I've heard it lot's of times from gentoo-users.

> We are in 2005, with new technologies and amazingly fast systems...
> and we are using prehistoric system aimed packages. How many people
> does use a 386 desktop computer? How many people use a 486 desktop
> computer? Even Pentiums, nobody surf internet today with a pentium
> (well, someone...)
Well, not everyone live in the countrys where you have the choice to be 
able to select the fastest-on-the-market systems. I would belive that 
low-end systems like those mentioned actually _are_ used. But then 
again, I don't live there. I'm a student though ;-).

> We have Ubuntu, a desktop oriented distribution with Gnome2. Do you
> think gnome2 can run on a 386 system, or a 486 system, or a 586? Yes,
> but so crappy and slow that you would prefer buying a new computer. I
> had a Pentium MMX machine and it ran the gnome desktop as fast as a
> turtle. Better not talking about OpenOffice...
We have Ubuntu, we can agree on that. Ubuntu isn't /only/ for desktops 
though. I would had put Ubuntu on my servers if vservers in it's present 
state hadn't used linux 2.4.27 as most recent kernel.

If you look at what packages are in Warty main you would see most 
servers you need for your personal domain. LAMP (Linux, Apache(2), 
MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python), mailservers, BIND9 and lot's of other stuff not 
needed for the average desktop user.

And then again, why can't you skip ubuntu-desktop and use fluxbox or 
xfce4 from universe if you want a low-end desktopsystem?

> I accept and understand that debian uses 386 packages, because it's
> oriented to be installed in servers, and all kinds of machines, even
> that old computer you have in your home.  But, who is going to try to
> install Ubuntu on such computers? The minimal system where ubuntu runs
> smoothly if you want to use it as a desktop is a Pentium2. Even a
> Pentium3. And, I think that if you want to install a linux server you
> do not choose ubuntu, you choose debian. Ubuntu's target is desktop
> computers, and so, it should be at least 686 compiled. Using 386 is
> wasting today's machines.
I would! No comments except those above...

> What do you think about that? I know you are going to tell me that
> it's 386 because everybody has the right to use an Ubuntu system, but
> yes, those people with that old hardware are be capable of installing
> ubuntu, but not to use it.
> Greetings from Spain.
I belive the comments above answer this to...

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