Easier Installation

John Nilsson john at milsson.nu
Sat Dec 31 17:17:22 GMT 2005

On Sat, 2005-12-31 at 10:45 +0100, Xavier Claessens wrote:
> >  I think just been able to double click on a file, should
> > automatically open in the Package Manager and the package manager will
> > install everything for you.
> What about using Synaptic instead of clicking on files ? Ubuntu is not
> like windows, on ubuntu installing programs is *easy* you don't need to
> click on files. Don't download packages from websites, everything is
> already included in ubuntu ! Just search in synaptic.

A solution to this maybe?

* Patch firefox and friends so that it detects attempts to download deb
files an suggests to open synaptic instead.

* A new URI scheme that will launch a package manager with a search for
the packages.

> > Also, there are allot of different commands that can be used in the
> > root terminal, and it is hard to remember all of them. Just a
> > suggestion that I would like to see in future versions of ubuntu :) 
> If you don't want to remember console commands, just don't use
> console... If something is impossible without console there is 2
> raisons:
> 1) It is not something a noob needs.
> 2) This is a feature missing in the UI and so open a bug-report.

I really wish that we stopped calling non CLI needing users for noobs.
The CLI is one of Linux's strengths and it's a shame to phase it out
just because some silly word suggest it has usability problems. If the
CLI sucks, improve the CLI. If a GUI is needed create a GUI.

Lack of non-CLI isn't always a bug (I think...)

Even non-noobs needs GUI's for most stuff. Even noobs should learn a


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