network interface

Manu Cornet Manu.Cornet at
Sat Dec 31 11:20:01 GMT 2005

Hi !

> I tried to install dapper drake, but a
> network interface was not to configure with dhcp (on a notebook with
> wlan). As it was once so easy with breezy, now I
> feel myself reminded of debian, which provides a lot of work to bring up
> the network interface. I like debian, but
> that's exactly the reason I turned to ubuntu.

Thank you for your feedback.

* If you want a flawlessly working box, please do not upgrade to dapper
and stick to the current stable version (breezy). Dapper is a
development version.

* If you'd like to contribute by testing the new Ubuntu being brewed,
you can upgrade to dapper and file bug reports about what you consider
as bugs (rather than sending emails about them).

I think the problem you mentionned is already known though, but you can
check in bugzilla.

You can also use the ubuntu-users list, which is more suitable for


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