NexentaOS GUI configuration tools fully ported

Erast Benson erast at
Wed Dec 28 21:20:01 GMT 2005

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to let you know that with help of system-tools-backends
maintainers I was working on system-tools-backends and
gnome-system-tools frontends to bring GUI tools up to the level when
average user could easy configure NexentaOS, new exciting Ubuntu
GNU/Solaris based operating system!

I ported almost all system-tools-backends components and did quite a lot
of bug fixing and SunOS-awareness fixes in gnome-system-tools frontends.

Specific OpenSolaris/Nexenta features fully supported:

* SMF management (start,stop,view)
* dfstab NFS and Samba shares
* native OpenSolaris Wifi network locator and configuration using
wificonfig and native wireless drivers
* native NIC interfaces configuration which utilizes existing
configuration schema, i.e. /etc/netmasks, /etc/networks,
/etc/hostname.$dev, etc
* native NTP client and timezone support
* disk administration with UFS partition support

Backends are fully integrated into Nexenta desktop, for instance,
missing NTP or Samba packages will be requested via Synaptic package
manager and will be downloaded via popup GUIs. Nautilus integrated with
disks-admin as well as the rest of tools spread out through the GNOME's
menu and options.

Check out screenshot at my homepage:

If you are not Nexenta OS user yet, than become one and help us make it
the best OS environment available around!

Enjoy and happy new year!!!

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