Fluendo MP3 GStreamer Plugin in Main for Dapper?

Evandro Fernandes Giovanini evandrofg at ig.com.br
Mon Dec 26 03:09:12 GMT 2005

Em Dom, 2005-12-25 às 16:51 +0000, Chris Jones escreveu:
> Hi
> On 7:27:09 am 25/12/2005 Travis Watkins <alleykat at gmail.com> wrote:
> > If fluendo's MP3 plugin was in restricted and installed by default
> > rhythmbox couldn't be.
> Why? It uses gstreamer, so surely it would be able to take advantage of
> Fluendo's gstreamer plugin? As would totem, banshee, et al.
> Getting this (and ideally Sun's Java) in restricted would make a big
> difference to many new users - go look on #ubuntu some time to see ;)

What would really make a difference is if people didn't need non-free or
patented technologies. :)

Anyway, the starter guide already explains how to add Java, MP3 and
Flash support, so in theory people shouldn't be asking elsewhere for
help. The questions you need to ask is why are people not finding the
documentation, and what can we do to change that?
One idea is to launch yelp on the appropriate page when the user tries
to play an mp3 file with rhythmbox or totem, or view a website with Java
or Flash content with firefox.


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