Testing the dist-upgrade process (for Dapper)

Sivan Green sivan at piware.de
Thu Dec 22 11:11:18 GMT 2005

On 21:46, Wed 21 Dec 05, Carlos Ribeiro wrote:
> The reason behind this message is a looong history.
[ ...] snip
> What all these problems have in common is that it involves some basic Q&A --
> testing that upgrades do not break existing systems, and testing that brand
> new system conform to some basic administrative premises (such as cron
> working as before).

> Now, I know that testing is *hard*, and that is totally impossible to
> guarantee that there is no problem with every configuration or combination
> of packages. It's not just hard, it's plainly impossible. It's also hard to
> keep the experience intact while improving and optimizing the system. But I
> believe that the experience could be improved.

Taking this furhter, I've created https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/UpgradePaths.

believe those are the major scenarios that we need to follow.
As many people as we can get to follow that on as many
platforms before release -  the better. And still that doesn't guarantee no
problems at all as you noted. 

What would be useful , I think is if could go over what we already have under
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Long , and suggest the bits you think are missing 
to verify "backend" stuff like postfix and friends, as IIRC the test plan concentrates 
more on a working desktop rather then on the complementary moving parts lying underneath.
Any comment about stuff lying under https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing will be appreciated



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