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On 13 Dec, 2005, at 11:12 AM, Frank Siegert wrote:
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> 13. December 2005 07:53, Peter Garrett:
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>> I feel a *prominent* and *simple* solution should be presented to new 
>> users - i.e. human beings. A decent GUI front end to pppconfig would 
>> be an idea. If I knew how to program I would do one myself, but as I 
>> don't, I'm appealing to the experts on this list.
> I agree, and this should be part of the installation procedure, as 
> well as being accessible by a GUI frontend in Ubuntu ("network setup" 
> and "modem lights" panel app?) and Kubuntu (kppp?) later. Who would be 
> responsible for that and how can I help him/her?
> ...

One way to start would be to fill out the NonBroadbandUsers spec 
<> (and perhaps rename it to 
something less negative!), briefly describing the current situation, 
then listing what needs to be done -- extra packages that can and 
should be legally included, which is the best config utility to 
include, how it should be polished, etc.

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