Interest for my user administration tool?

Dag Sverre Seljebotn dagss at
Wed Dec 7 13:43:38 GMT 2005

As a university project, and also to ease my part-time job as the
sysadmin at a small school, I'm creating a user administration tool in

I believe it complements rather than replaces the traditional tools by
taking a more high-level approach - the sysadmin sets up some local
rules in the config file, and then the day-to-day user db administration
should be easier for local staff less familiar with Unix administration.
It has some other nice features as well, such as letter generation
(letters for the users) based on templates from OpenOffice. And
eventually plugins for fetchmail config, user settings resetting, home
dir space monitoring too, but that is too far off to talk about now
(just mentioning that is has a plugin architecture).

So far I've got it far enough to get it approved from the university (in
a scripting course) - that doesn't mean it is ready for you however.

So I'm asking mostly to get a feel for the interest in the tool. If
there some interest by other than myself for using the tool, it might
prompt me to finish it quicker (and factor out the Python initiator code
to a config file, package it in a deb, focus on more stability rather
than more features, get a place on SourceForge or similar for it etc.).
However if people don't think my program will be useful then I can take
it easier, I won't deploy it on "my" school before next autumn.

(Well, to be honest, the reason I'm posting at these lists is of course
in the hope that my project will be taken under the wings of Ubuntu - I
guess it wouldn't change much more than my motivation, but that is what
fuels this thing).

Anyway, more info at:

Feedback welcome. (Including yelling at me if this is misusing these
lists, excluding feedback on the code itself as I don't consider it

Dag Sverre Seljebotn

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